Downloading & Installing DigitalPro3:

  • To Install
    for Windows:
    Version 3.1 new features include:

    Download and run dp3-1-34.exe.


    NOTE: These versions of the download will require you you to be connected to the Internet when you install it, as it will automatically download the .NET 1.1 framework if it is not already on your machine. See below if you need an offline install.

Problems Downloading?
Solutions to possible Problems:

  • If you have trouble with the DP3 installer downloading either the .NET framework (dotnetfx.exe), you can have Windows download them directly for you from Windows update. Once you have successfully loaded the .NET framework you can then re-run the DP3 install.
  • If you need a Full download including .NET (in case the .NET framework does not download automatically or you need to do the install on an offline machine), then use the larger dp3-1-28full.exe
  • If you have a slow connection or need to install from a CD, our distributor WRP will send you an evaluation CD. E-mail them with your postal information at:
  • If DP3 crashes when you first launch it, it is almost certainly a mis-match between EXE & DLL files from a previous version. Try un-installing, manually moving all the EXE & DLL files in the DigitalPro folder to a backup folder, then installing the new version.

Known Issues: If DigitalPro hangs on some images edited with Photoshop Elements, you need an updated dpexif.dll. See our Knowledgebase.

Version 3.1 Fixed/Added:

  • Build 3.1.34
    • Increased compatibility with Photoshop CS2 for Raw file conversion wizard

    • Fixed DNG thumbnail display bug

    • Minor performance improvements

    • NOTE: Build 34's Raw converter is designed to work with Photoshop CS2 by default. If you want to use the Adobe Raw Converter batch with build 34 with CS, you may need to download Interop.Photoshop.dll and replace the distribution version.

    Build 3.1.33
    • IPTC information preserved for published JPEGs (may not always show up in DP, but it's preserved for Photoshop & other apps)

    • City & State correctly displayed in Find dialog allowing filtering on those results

    Build 3.1.31
    • Light table correctly color managed

    • NEF glitches in slideshow fixed

    • Print templates fixed

    • Faster browsing of NEF & TIFF files

  • (3.1.29) Fixed GPS info display
  • (3.1.29) Restored ability to use space at end of file prefix when renaming
  • (3.1.29) Other minor fixes for user reported bugs
  •  (3.1.27/8) Views custom IPTC info added when loading cards
  • (3.1.26) Improved support for Nikon Capture 4.2 resaved NEFs
  •  (3.1.26) Improved support for launching Photoshop Elements 3
  •  (3.1.26) Cache fix
  • (3.1.26) Updated Tutorial locations to Moose's new website address
  • (3.1.26) Fix for over-rotation on Publishing auto-rotated images
  • (3.1.25) Canon Raw file Load Card Fix
  • (3.1.25) Image Preview Cache re-enabled
  • (3.1.24) Faster Card Loading & D2X file display
  • (3.1.24) Support for "photo vault" type devices in the Load Card wizard
  • (3.1.22) Full support for all D2X NEF file formats.
  • (3.1.19) PDF Export added to Find Dialog
  • (3.1.19) Caption Preview fixed on Find Dialog
  • (3.1.19) Group by function added to Find dialog
  • (3.1.19) Tested with ACR2.4 and Nikon Capture 4.2
  • (3.1.19) Remember window locations on second monitor
  • (3.1.19) Fix for large TIFF hang
  • (3.1.19) Sort order on keywords & collections
  • (3.1.18) Reports Serial Number on D70 images
  • (3.1.18) Background TIFF thumbnail generation
  • (3.1.17u) Fixed "raster component" error
  • (3.1.17u) Fixed arithmetic overflow error on Canon Raw file meta data processing
  • (3.1.17) Fixed Memory leak with Load/Display of NEF images
  • (3.1.17) Fixed Bug when using "put shooting data as IPTC data" in some cases for loading images
  • (3.1.17) Fixed Resolution data missing for CRW files
  • (3.1.17) Fixed Bug in generating thumbnails for some PSD files
  • (3.1.16) Hang issues fixed
  • (3.1.16) IPTC handling fixes, faster captioning on network drives
  • (3.1.16) Added "Find only Priority images" option to Find Dialog
  • (3.1.11) Faster card loading (although no preview on load)
  • (3.1.11) Faster image move/rename
  • (3.1.11) Fixed hang issue on card load/move on some systems
  • (3.1.10) Fixed "red X" issue in slideshow
  • (3.1.10) Faster Photoshop thumbnailing
  • (3.1.10) Better quality for some JPEG and NEF previews
  • (3.1.9) Will display # frames on your shutter for Nikon D2H & D70. Go to EXIF Properties and then press the "shutter" button
    (3.1.9) Faster display of some PSD & TIFF files
    (3.1.8) Faster move/file when destination is on the same drive
  • (3.1.8) Preserves IPTC on TIFF creation
  • (3.1.8) Shows both NEF & TIFF when in JPEG+RAW mode
  • (3.1.8) Some general speedups
  • (3.1.7) Much more accurate color display for Canon 10D, D60 & Digital Rebel
  • (3.1.7) Limited support for Canon Powershot Raw files
  • (3.1.7) Faster display of large folders
  • (3.1.7) Better preservation of EXIF & IPTC data for submissions
  • (3.1.7) More accurate IPTC sync of categories & keywords
  • (3.1.6u) Added Copy Raw along with Publish
  • Added a Remove NEF/Raw file command
    (removes the Raw files associated with selected JPEG+Raw images)
    (if it doesn't appear in the Images menu, delete your layouts & restart)
  • Load Card "Express" option to skip less-used Load Card Screens
    (Set in Tools->Options, Use Back if you need to get to the skipped screens)

Test Releases:

If you have a particular bug with the released version of DigitalPro that may be fixed in our upcoming version or are interested in early access to our test releases, please see our Beta Page. Note that beta releases are just that, beta. They are not intended for mission critical use, although Pro Shooters does accept and encourage bug reports on them and does attempt to support users of the beta relases.